Our story begins in 1960, when Mr. Zeev Refael, founder of Mazada Tours, got his tour guiding license and became one of the first licensed tour guides in Israel.

In 1981, Mazada Tours opened offices in Tel Aviv, where the office still offers tours until today.

In 2012, Mr. Refael retired from his position and handed over the company to his son, Yotam Refael, who thanks to his father’s thirst for adventure, grew up in the travel and tourism industry.

At Mazada Tours, we are proud to say that every traveler receives premier, VIP services throughout all phases of travel. With over three decades of experience providing unprecedented service to thousands of satisfied tourists, Mazada Tours has firmly established itself as the premier tour operator for Foreign Incoming Tourists (FITs) to Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

We look forward to welcoming you to our country to experience true Middle-Eastern hospitality and to experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Holy Land.

In the past 10 years of work with Europe our travel agency received more and more requests for unique weekend and midweek tours. In order to provide the best product possible, we made an extensive research and created a wide selection of City Break programs, for low budget in a group tour and private for high budget.

City Breaks allow you to escape from your everyday life and dive into a new exciting culture with a rich history and not less rich food scene. Our promise is an absolute vacation experience where you don’t have to worry about anything – just lean back and let Israel make you fall in love with the country (we take over the rest).

Our City Breaks include a professional transfer from and to the airport, a first-class accommodation with a delicious varied breakfast and days full of touring and excitement. Our licensed tour guides with many years of experience speak your language and have an open ear and heart for any of your concerns. Also, we took care of all the entrance fees and your comfort on our modern climatized vehicles with Wi-Fi access.

All the tours start from Tel Aviv, the heart of Israel and the best place to feel the Israeli hospitality. Also, it’s an absolute must-destination for beach lovers, vegans, sports fans, foodies, party animals… Well, Tel Aviv has something to offer everybody. Families with children feel here as comfortable as young couples  since Israel, in general, is known for its child-friendliness.

Also, security in Israel is a big and important topic. Here, you don’t need to worry and can go out alone anywhere at any time. The vibrant nightlife in Tel Aviv invites to do so every day anyway. For more tips and information read please our “Israel Travel Tips” or contact us.

You can also receive some useful information on the Highlights of Israel you’re going to visit or will visit next time. We will make your worries disappear in no times and provide an excellent service which will leave a lot of nice memories and a desire to return once again.

Mazada Tours Tel Aviv Headquarters in 1981

 Our Tel Aviv Headquarters in 1981

Mazada Tours Tel Aviv Headquarters in 2015

 Our Tel Aviv Headquarters in 2015